We host multiple ~Events~ every month!

"Community" is one of the things we love most about living here in the Cornelius-Davidson-Huntersville-Lake Norman area.  Not just the Community, as a whole...but, the willingness of people and professionals to come together and ~commune~ with one another.

We don't mean "lecturing"...where you feel lost in a sea of 100+ people (like being in a freshman math class back in college again...ugh).  I'm talking about gatherings smaller than some of you have at your house over Christmas...where you have an opportunity to actually engage with a local author, or chiropractor, or physical therapist, or nutritionist...or even a Master Bridge player or a Jedi Knight of Knitting (I might have made that Jedi bit...the Force is NOT strong with me when it comes to knitting).

Follow the link below for a description of all upcoming Events!  It's updated each month, so be sure to check back regularly!  And, if you just missed one, be sure to check our "Social Feed" here on the site...I'm sure we posted some pictures or videos!

>>>Please note that most Events are open to the community at no cost<<<
>>PLEASE be sure to register...we limit attendance to maintain our "Community"<<
>>If you have any trouble registering on the site, please call our office for assistance<<
>>Events that are exclusively for our Members will be marked accordingly<<

For a Current Schedule of Our Events and Registration
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