Updates and a bit of a Rant

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Updates and a bit of a Rant

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More updates on changes that we’re making immediately to remain compliant with Federal, State, and Local Orders while in this State of Emergency!

NC Executive Order 120 goes into effect March 25, and the Mecklenburg Stay at Home Order on March 26.

These orders definitively close our Fitness Area and Massage Therapy. The order does allow us to resupply our food, work from home (if possible), and even exercise outside (maintaining recommended physical distance).

My Big Spoon has been collecting data and crunching numbers…and he thinks we’re going to be under restrictions for more than just a couple of weeks. He showed me some pretty graphs and said that once China went above 300 new cases per day…it took them about 6 weeks to bring it back under 300 cases per day. I think he also said something about us getting a slower start here…so it may take us 8-10 weeks (if we really go after it). Anyway, he thinks it’ll get worse before it gets better…and it probably won’t get better until May, or even June.

Based on the statistics I keep seeing…this virus is the deadliest to those I love the most. I saw that among the deceased, 8 out of 10 were age 65 and up…and most of those under 65 had some other pre-existing condition that they were already fighting. That describes most of my members and almost all of my OWLS…and that makes me ANGRY. I want to charge out on the battlefield with my BBS Tribe behind me…just like the Avengers did. I want to scream at it…I want to punch it in the face…I want to knock it into the ground. Then with the snap of my finger, I want it to crumble into dusty oblivion and cease to exist.

I just want it to go away…to leave you all alone.But it won’t…at least, not without a fight. And it won’t be a big screen superhero movie battle…it has to be a battle of will.

We know how it operates…it leap frogs from one of us to the other. It uses one our most basic needs against us…a hug, a pat on the shoulder, a handshake, a kiss on the cheek…all of those require us to be close enough for it to jump to the next one, then the next, then the next. Which means, to beat it, we must go against our nature. We must exercise our will and change our behavior, temporarily. We must keep our physical separation to deny it another host. We must…because I’m not willing to lose a single one of you.

I also know the dangers of loneliness, isolation, immobility, and fear. But I don’t believe we have to choose between the lesser evil…I believe we can find a way to beat them all. I believe we can still be SOCIAL, while maintaining a physical distance. I believe we can follow our Federal, State, and Local mandates without becoming stuck in the quicksand of isolation. And I believe we can encourage one another, spreading hope that can crush the fear. And I know many of you feel the same way I do.

I’m going to review the data and the graphs and the Orders with Big Spoon through the weekend. We’re going to put together the details of the BBS Take-out and BBS Delivery that we talked about earlier in the week. And, I would LOVE to hear any ideas that you may have….PLEASE call, text , or email them to me!

We will find a way to help one another get through this…and we will be stronger for it. We will exercise our bodies without being Lilly pads for the virus to leapfrog…we will be more social while we’re separated…we will spread hope until it crushes the fear…and I’ll wear my Wonder Woman tights while doing it. You’re NOT going to get taken down by a virus or by isolation…not on my watch.

Stay Tuned…you’re going to love what comes next (from BBS, not from the virus…Big Spoon put together a little info just to prepare you for what may come next from the virus…keep scrolling down).

I love you all!

Christy Gepfert #Founder #CEO #GirlBoss #WonderWomanTights

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