Hit Me With Your Pet Shark

Hit Me With Your Pet Shark!!

You ALL know how much I love the whole "misunderstood lyrics" discussion...and how surprised I was when it turned out to be Girls that "Run the World", and not Squirrels. So, be careful with this one...as soon as you sing "Hit me with your Pet Shark" along with Pat Benatar on this video...you'll NEVER be able to go back to "Best Shot".

Cynthia and I have suited up as "Joan & Jett" to get that blood pumping with squats...and lead you through jabs, left hooks, right hooks, and uppercuts. Now you'll be ready the next time someone tries to bust your 6 foot physical distancing bubble!

***Disclaimer from the Big Spoon: BBS and it's representatives are NOT suggesting that you should punch anyone in the face.

****Disclaimer from Christy: Unless they deserve it...

Now, let's fight lethargy, idleness, loafing, and inactivity while Pat Benatar Rocks Out!!!!


#GirlsThatRock  #Christy&Cynthia


*****Please Note:  The SONG is by Pat Benatar...the CHARACTERS we're playing are "Joan & Jett"