Dance Off Video

Help Me Rhona!!

[Spelling is intentional,  Rhonda + corona = Rhona] 

It was a beautiful day and I was dropping off some toilet paper (aka, the most valuable thing in the universe, currently)...and we wanted to get in a daily dose of some stress busting, fear crushing, joint mobilizing, endorphin pumping, heartbeat raising, CDC compliant movement while maintaining proper physical distance. (whew, that'll get you out of breath just reading it aloud inside your head).

We decided to have a Parent/Daughter Dance Off...and video it. Big Spoon had been wanting some footage to test our new, innovative plan of including pics and video in my posts.

So, that's the story of how this became our first test of posting videos to our site, and...

BAM!!!!!  Just like that, we caught up to the technology of the early 2000's!!


Please enjoy...and don't judge, too much...I'll be coming for YOU next!!!!


Yours in health (and now, video!)